Hendrick’ Gin

The Hendrick’s Gin Palace in its design and experience is intended to inspire curiosity, open minds and serve as a platform for invention. It pulls back the curtain on the wondrous production method and showcases the many layers of the brand that it has become celebrated for, some humorous, others curiously intellectual, detailed and deeply meaningful. There have been many inspirations for the overall design, but what was of the highest importance was building a space that created a legacy for Hendricks’s. Ross, with his area of expertise on Architecture, Interior design and Brand design helped create a design that remained true to a brand that has a very distinctive identity and outlook on life. The distillery is our spiritual home and we are incredibly proud of its facilities. The Hendrick’s Gin Palace features a mysterious and enchanting walled garden which leads to a magnificent and imposing Victorian inspired palm house. This is flanked by two botanical hot houses used to cultivate a plethora of unusual botanicals and flora from around the world. There is the inner sanctum that is Lesley’s laboratory where she will be found inventing new tastes, a curious flavour library, a lecture theatre that encourages scholarly learnings and a suitably stylish bar. Ross played a huge part in building an exclusive experience for our friends around the world. We don’t feel there is another distillery, gin or otherwise, that offers such a varied and wonderful experience that is simultaneously cerebral, enlightening and offers such a sense of the unusual. Nuala Beecher Marketing Manager, Hendricks

William Grant & Sons Ltd

I would wholeheartedly endorse Scaranish’s talent and expertise as a complete proposition for any high end, high detail, high aspiration project. They’ve got the breadth of skills and talents to see the complete picture and break it down into the very last detail. They’re a unique company who I’m sure will continue to excel in the creation of unique projects. Duncan McRae, Global Head of Brands, Atom Brands (Previous to which this project relates: Global Innovation and Advocacy Manager, Hendrick’s Gin. )



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