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Stage 1/8


We get to know you so we can craft your initial concept into an awe-inspiring environment.

We do this through an initial consultation where we outline your goals and aspirations, the scope of work, assess potential collaborators and assess the budget for the project.

Stage 2/8


Before you step on site, we will immerse you in the entire environment we have designed. We do this with concept sketches, visual direction based on our site visits and research, followed by an in-depth feedback session.

Once this is done we can move onto crafting the finished concept and visual.

Stage 3/8


We then move into producing a rigorous design documentation level to realise the final concept.

Here we create elevations and sections, 3D renders as well as contractor appointment and schedules in order to set your project on the path towards completion.

Stage 4/8


The nitty gritty; here we will provide full construction documentation and drawings. This stage allows us to fine-tune the global design pack and make any last revisions from the tender period, other project consultants and any cost measure to be captured.

Stage 5/8


Scarinish is on hand during off and on-site construction stages. We will ensure our high quality of finishing and design intent is captured and all details are followed through with care.

We maintain this by frequent site inspections, liaising with contractors and reviewal and constant referral back to the work outlined in the project contract.

Stage 6/8


We offer procurement and styling at this stage to establish the uniqueness of your project, from styling and placement of customised furniture, art and other details, as well as a final check for defects.

Finally, it’s time to enjoy and celebrate your completed Scarinish-designed space.

Stage 7/8

Creative Recognition

We understand that awards aren't everything, but we see them as a useful benchmark or our creativity and offer.

We take great pride in what we do, and pour over projects to strive and make them the best they possibly can be.

We're immensely proud to have been recognised by the Uk Restaurant and Bar Awards and The Scottish Design Awards.

Most recently, the Drum Design Awards for our Hendricks Gin Palace project.

2019 Drum Design
Hendricks Gin Palace,

2019 Restaurant & Bar Design

2019 Scottish Design Award
Lady Libertine,
Highly Commended.

Stage 8/8

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